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to·nal·i·ty   [toh-nal-i-tee] -noun, pl.-ties.
1. Music.
a. the sum of relations, melodic and harmonic, existing between the tones of a scale or musical system.
b. a particular scale or system of tones; a key.

dis·cord   [n. dis-kawrd; v. dis-kawrd] -noun
1. lack of concord or harmony between persons or things: marital discord.
2. Music. an inharmonious combination of musical tones sounded together.
3. any confused or harsh noise; dissonance.


Music and Chaos are two things that are oddly appealing to me. I say ‘oddly appealing’ not because liking music is weird, but because I feel as though the way in which I personally enjoy music is different from most. Some may call my tastes indiscriminate, some may say I don’t have any taste at all… But in essence I just like a lot of different music. And not all for the same reason. I don’t only love beautifully crafted folk tunes or super technical metal music or intensely complex orchestral pieces, but I do get great joy from all those for a variety of reasons. The reason I feel my taste in music is weird in it’s appeal is because I will rarely hear a song and dislike it, my default is “what do I like about this song” which is not a default I feel most people have, hence the strange appeal music has to me.

As for Chaos, anyone unfamiliar with me who might choose to hit shuffle on my iTunes might describe my tastes as a little chaotic to say the least. Nothing would go together songs would clash, it would seem like the worst mix-tape ever. While perhaps only rarely actually having songs with a true discordance in harmony ever come around, I am almost certain that someone without my unabashed love for music might feel as though there was a strong discord present in my musical tastes.

This is Tonal Discord. While you may not always like the music I post, I’m sure there will be something here you can grab hold of. Whether it be my mix-tapes or my album reviews, my explorations into music creation or the instruments I love. If you take any sort of joy from music as a concept then I invite you to look around and enjoy my musical ramblings.


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