MSTRKRFT – The Looks

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April 30, 2012 by zdueck

So I was biking home this morning listening to MSTRKRFT and was struck by a though mere moments from my doorstep. I loved Death From Above 1979 back when they were together and so naturally decided following them on their future endeavors would be a good idea considering how creative that duo was (and recent rumblings/concerts suggest that the duo may be back together! (hopefully for a new album!)). But back to MSTRKRFT…

On the way home The Looks came up on my iPod and I began thinking about what the song might mean (as there are little to no vocals in the entire song, and most of the album as well). This got me thinking about how one conveys a message when lyrical depth is not an option. When you are limited by your genre, how do you say anything? Do you just throw words that sound cool into a song to make pleasing sounds people will enjoy, or do you manipulate and alter the sounds to create a message of sorts. The more I think about it the more this song seems like the prime example of this balance between words and effects.

“She’s got the

looks to make it

looks to fakes it

looks to break it”

That’s about as lyrically deep as the song gets, and from that you could imagine what they may be saying, but then when you listen to it you’ll notice they break apart the words, add effect and have different voices for different sections of a single words and through this we are given a very broken delivery and suddenly the message could go in two completely different directions. Is this a positive song about the looks of this women or a critical song about the importance placed on image? I don’t know, without the lyrical depth I have become accustomed to I am at a loss when that no longer exists… But it sure makes me thing, which is easily one of my favourite parts of listening to music (though I would like to be able to figure it out some day).


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