Fashionable People

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April 23, 2012 by zdueck

This whole past week I have been surrounded by fashionable people, whether it be at a concert, a gig or just wandering through the streets of Wolseley with friends… Crazy friends who take pictures of random people for their blogs… And because of all this, I’ve had Fashionable People by Joel Plaskett Emergency stuck in my head ever since.

I mean literally the entire weekend was full of fashionably minded people. First on Friday night when I went to check out an arts show/concert where I witnessed a woman in a fashionable green dress chase down a relatively fashionable looking bum trying to steal the galleries mirror (I actually just thought he had bought it or something until that flash of green lept over the bench by the door). Which was followed by a friend of mine whom I have only ever seen in the daycare setting perform in a band where she dressed far more fashionably than she ever has for the children (and understandably so I suppose). At which point I biked home after sharing a smoke with the guitarist from her band.

The next day I had a gig for Earth Day in a free junk repurposing supply… place? craft co-op? I don’t know what to call it, but we were playing our music for a bunch of fashionable up-cycling hipster types there (along with family and friends… who were also, for the most part, pretty fashionable), all while trying to look relatively fashionable ourselves (I actually got quite the compliment for being incredibly well suited for the earth day theme/backdrop me and my drums were up against).

And finally on Sunday walking with my friend over to her apartment… After seeing a relatively fashionable person, and attempting to point this out to me without drawing attention that she was talking about this person we were walking right past, she actually stopped dead in her tracks and turned around to ask this random person if she could take a picture of her for her fashion blog. Most uncomfortable photo op ever! (but you’d never know it from the pictures)… Actually, when I think about it, perhaps the cbc Kids version is better suited for that last experience. So this one goes out to Jess over at Cat Party!


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