WOTE – Little Boxes

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April 16, 2012 by zdueck

Oh my goodness! Walk off the Earth has a budget! And they somehow managed to make me fall in love with cigar box guitars even more than I already am! I never thought it possible, I already love the idea of them so much and have been trying to build one of my own for the past two years or so… But then I see Gianni not only strumming and drumming but also opening and closing the cigar box as part of the rhythm too and all I could think was “That is Brilliant! I need to build one that opens!” Even though I still haven’t succeeded in building one that doesn’t open.

But one thought that comes to mind (partially because I’ve had this discussion before when I first started building my cigar box guitar), is whether Cigar Box guitars are actually a serious instrument or a gimmick, and artifact of times past and not something people really take seriously in music. Well anyone who has ever thought Cigar Box Guitars are a gimmick and nothing more needs to listen to this song and not watch the video. I am fully aware that playing a bunch of Cigar Box Guitars while performing ‘Little Boxes’ may seem like a bit of a gimmick at first, but if you can’t see the instruments being played and it is still a pretty excellent sounding song is it really a gimmick… I mean if it can draw ones attention even without the gimmick, then I need to question whether or not it’s actually a gimmick or just a good use of uncommon elements…

But I will admit that a song about boxes, performed on boxes, does kind of have a certain element of ‘gimmick’ to it. But it’s still a fantastic song and an entertaining video (plus it’s got some of the best use of Cigar Box Guitars I’ve ever seen in a song)… So I can get past the gimmick pretty easily.


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