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April 9, 2012 by zdueck

So A while ago the critique was made that my blog title may be a tad inaccurate… And while it was never the perfect analogy for my blog, I thought it captured my musical attitude pretty decently. Allowing in any sort of noise, free of judgement, even when it clashes with your ears in sometimes violent ways. While I will admit the music I have selected thus far is all tonally sound, playing all of them side by side will create a discord of sorts if you actually take the effort. But so far I have yet to display any of my musical tastes that actually embrace discordance within itself (in all fairness though, I’ve only been at this for two months and my library contains enough music to go an entire semester, 24/7, without repeats… Which means I still have a decent catalogue of music that has yet to hit your eardrums). So I figured I’d talk about a band I have fallen in love with for many a reason… The F*ck Buttons!

Now it may not be obvious from the video (as it is only about a third the length of the actual song), but it took a decent amount of contrasting sounds to build up to the point where we enter this video. The thing I love about these guys the most is how they will take noise that by no reasonable rational should go together and create music from it. I mean everything in this song is noise… there are maybe one or two out of 10-15 tracks that have any sort of recognizable melody in it and yet they still manage to produce something reminiscent of a song. And if you’re looking for good study/reading music, this is it… They generally take so long to build a song that by the time you are hit with the energy of their song you’ve already been placed in a relaxed ambient state from the incredibly gradual build… Honestly the first time I listened to this album I read for about 45 minutes thought to myself “How long is this song!” and realized I was over half way through the CD on track 7 or something like that without noticing the time… Which is quite the feat for noise music (Ambient Noise Rock… or maybe Technoise… I really don’t know what to call it other than great).


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