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April 2, 2012 by zdueck

So It’s month 2 and I have not yet lost steam although I have found that, aside from failing to make a media page I was satisfied with, trying to keep up with my rigid twice a week schedule has left me grasping for material and making haphazard last minute posting in a desperate attempt to keep on the ball… So I’ve decided the rigid schedule just ain’t for me, I’ll still try for a post every Monday (cause if I don’t have at least one post a week I may just forget about this place) and if you get more than that that’s just icing on an already delicious cake in my mind. And speaking of icing on a cake, these updates just don’t seem satisfying enough as a post… so enter the 2.0 part of this update.

Cupit Travel Guitar

I saw this a while ago on youtube and for those of you who know me know that I have a strange fascination for backpack sized instruments… But this one takes the cake as the most interesting design I have ever seen in a guitar… I mean the sound holes are parallell to the neck and above the strings, which are placed at the bottom of the instrument instead of the middle… I understand a little bit about acoustics, but not enough to understand how this design makes sense (and clearly not a lot do as this is the only guy producing this style of guitar I can find). And yet, as non-sensical an instrument as it is, it still sounds pretty good. The more I look into travel instruments the more surprised I am at how much good quality sound can be produced by such little packages.


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