New Material from Anthony Green

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March 19, 2012 by zdueck

So the other night I was playing wrestling with one of my friends on his PS3. This particular individual had taken it upon himself to attempt to re-create all his friends within the game which allowed me to play as myself… As I Danced onto the stage and ran my way up to the ring to the tune of Bombjack for gameboy I was reminded of how much I love chiptune music… So just to illustrate how my brain often works when it comes to music I will try and chronicle how I got to the video above through this event.

After a solid evening of wrestling and conversing with friends, I went home and started listening to chiptune music which eventually lead me to the band Anamanaguchi… This got me on the tangent of pop-punk which eventually lead me back to an old standard in my pop-punk collection, Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer. It is at this point I thought to myself “I wonder if anything ever happened with that solo material that Anthony Green was working on?” So I went to check it out and as luck would have it he’s actually done quite a bit since I last checked up on him.

Now just so it doesn’t seem like I pulled that name ouf of left field, “Hey that guitarist from the pop-punk band no one cares about, I should look into him” Zolof is not the only band I know this fellow from. Aside from his time with Saosin, Anthony Green is also in Circa Survive and The Sound of Animals Fighting… Each good in their own right, but I always get a kick out of what an artist can do without the collective creativity of a group to build off of.

My first impression was that he’s kind of got a City and Colour vibe going in that he comes from a punk sub-genre and then does more acoustic stuff (or at least he did the last time I looked up his solo work, and I’m sure sharing that last name Green didn’t help either)… But then I noticed he got a lot more upbeat and pop-y this time. Every now and then I hear hints of radiohead mixed with other bands he has been a part of. But no matter what I hear it’s always hard to pinpoint Green’s style because of his musical approach… Green has always been one of those fellows whom I have respected creatively not because he is necessarily doing fresh and new things with his music, but rather because of how he approached the creative process. In The Sound of Animals Fighting they would often wear animal masks as a way of removing themselves from the audience in the effort of creating more comfort in creative expression on stage… Not fearing how the audience will react to something because there is a barrier between the two of you allowing you to play around as you would in your basement. It’s this kind of imagination while creating that I enjoy, and I think it definitely comes out in the music. Although perhaps I’m just hearing things because I want to… Listen to some of his older stuff and judge for yourself.

Circa Survive

The Sounds of Animals Fighting


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