Dave Smith’s Tempest

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March 12, 2012 by zdueck

Lately I’ve been looking at Dave Smith instruments because they are simply stunning. The wooden frame, the analog knobs, the digital display. It’s assembly appears to be borderline perfect… That is until you actually try to play the thing. I’ve attempted to play around with one at my local music store and couldn’t really do anything but play around with the loops that were already programmed into it (which does have an element of fun to it, but as a drummer I’d much prefer to create beats than control them). I asked one of the salesmen how to work the thing and his response went something along the lines of “we’ve all tried but none of us have been able to figure it out yet”. As beautiful as an instrument is, it’s useless if it’s impossible to figure out. Usually analog means ease of use, or at least easy to manipulate… But somehow Dave Smith has managed to make even that difficult by fusing both analog and digital in the least helpful way. It looks like a very powerful instrument when you know how to use it… If only I could figure out how.



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