Daft Punk and Nile Rodgers?

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March 5, 2012 by zdueck

A little over a month ago we celebrated the 15th anniversary of Daft Punk’s debut album Homework and were mildly disappointed to not see any sort of celebratory new material hit the shelves for all us loyal fans… However, a few weeks ago, rumblings of a new record resurfaced as Nile Rodgers rumored that we was working with the iconic duo at his apartment (or wherever stars from the past tend to live). Now I know what you’re saying, “Who the hell is Nile Rodgers?” and unless you were a disco/R&B fan during the late 70’s, that is a very legitimate question to ask. So simply put, he was a member of the band Chic which had a few hits and a very dance-able jive to them. That being said, they are not an electronica band or even really in the same category. The closest you can link the two musically is that they are both genre’s that heavily encourage dancing.

Or at least that’s how things seem at a glance. Once you actually take the time to listen to the two in their own right you begin to realize just how similar they really are. Here’s two songs to consider; Around the World by Daft Punk and Good Times by Chic. Just listen to the bass-line and the guitar/synth work (and really the entire groove of the songs) in both this Chic song and this Daft Punk song and try to not hear the influence running through the French duo’s head not only as they wrote this song but also as they envisioned this music video. I mean the set of Daft Punks music video is almost identical to Chics stage layout and even some of the background dancers moves are getting mirrored in this video (though I may be stretching a bit on that last one). In fact, the more I think about it and watch these two videos, the more the one just seems like an homage to the other.

Chic – Good Times

Daft Punk – Around the World

And as if it wasn’t enough with Nile Rodgers contributing to this thing, he isn’t even the only fellow who’s involvement has been hinted at. On top of good ol’ Mr. Rodgers we also have the following;

Chilly Gonzales: Having worked with Canadian independent artist Buck 65 and England/Nashvilles Jamie Lidell, Gonzales has recently also ventured into the solo world and begun releasing his own music which is simply put a spectacular fusion of classical piano, hip hop/beat-poetry and electro pop. While his sounds aren’t always typical for electro-pop his musical imagination should be the perfect addition to this project.
Panda Bear: Following in the weird indie transient world of electronica, which his other band Animal Collective has helped to popularize, Panda Bear has this style to him that does less to get you up and moving and more to keep you relaxed and contemplating. It’s hard to say what this fellow has to add to the electronica sounds of Daft Punk, but most of the people rumored to be on the project have that sort of air to them at first.
Paul Williams: A songwriter who most notably wrote the Rainbow Connection along with numerous other songs for musicians during that era of music (including The Carpenters) and has also more recently collaborated with the Scissor Sisters on their 2006 album Ta-Dah. Although, with most of his fame coming from the songs he writes for others, it’s hard to say what he’ll be bringing to this project.

Suffice it to say, while at a first glance this mis-match of artists may not seem like the most complimentary mix of people, I think that if everyone rumored to be one this project put their minds together and actually work at fusing all these different influences (instead of throwing them in a pot of music stew just to see what happens) that we can expect one amazing 4th studio album from this French electronica duo known as Daft Punk.


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