The Guitalele

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February 23, 2012 by zdueck

On Monday I posted an article about ukulele’s and why they are such a great instrument. Today I’d like to follow along that theme by checking out a wicked portable guitar based upon the ukulele.

It’s Yamaha’s Guitalele and it actually has a lot going for it, I play with it literally every time I walk into my local Long & McQuade store. Sure Ukulele’s are fun, but this thing just brings a whole new level of joy to music making. Since it is essentially a guitar at capo 5 everything you know on the guitar translates perfectly onto this oddly amazing hybrid. So you can rock out some amazing licks without losing any of that ukulele charm while occasionally bringing it down an octave to add that much needed depth to your jam. And as soon as you hold one of these things in your hands you will understand just what I mean and just how beautiful of an instrument it truly is. The only downfall it really has is that if your hands are on the larger side the closely strung string may prove difficult for you. But other than that, being as it is essentially a miniature guitar tuned up to a ukulele friendly key, it has something for just about any guitarist to fall in love with… Even those upper crust classical guitarists with fireplaces next to their cots.


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