Lionize – You’re Trying to Kill Me


February 6, 2012 by zdueck

I don’t know how these guys have eluded me for so long or where to begin with them… So I figured I’d breakdown this music video as an attempt to highlight what makes them so amazing because they are truly one of the more creative bands, stylistically, that I have come across in a long while.

At first glance they appear to be just your typical rock band (with a nice driving guitar, some gritty vocals and a punchy little bassline), but upon a closer listen you’ll begin to hear this beautiful rock organ cut through the modern rock and take us back to the rock of years past. And as if that wasn’t great enough, that isn’t even what makes this band so unique. It is roughly at this point, once you’ve fallen in love with the initial classic rock revival vibe they got going, that they pull it all back and hit you with these spectacular reggae and ska rhythms and instrumentation that you really begin to appreciate just how original they really are. Sure adding distortion to reggae is nothing new, but fusing it so successfully with a genre that doesn’t typically lend itself to the laid back stoner vibe people often get from reggae and ska is something of pure genius… And I know some of you out there may say “classic rock totally lends itself to this laid back stoner vibe, haven’t you ever heard the term stoner rock?”, but that’s not what they are fusing these elements with. Stoner Rock plays off psychedelic themes, not Jamaican ones.

Now that we’ve kinda gotten into the groove of the band, we approach the chorus and have for the most part come to terms with how utterly awesome this blend of genre’s is. It is at this juncture that we can get back to appreciating the band on a whole and listen to the vocalists voice as it crackles with the whiskey soaked splendor that all truly great rock vocalists should aspire to. Aside from that the song pretty much progresses following this initial groove they’ve set up, but just in case you were starting to lose attention the organist pretty much solo’s under and over everything for the rest of the song. Simply put, it is one spectacular video and an equally spectacular band. If you liked this video you should probably go buy or download some of their albums. The song in this video comes off their album Destruction Manual, however their most recent album is called Superczar and the Vulture.



5 thoughts on “Lionize – You’re Trying to Kill Me

  1. sonsothunder says:

    Responding from your “Showcase” ad on the forum site. Personally, I find your writing and blog post great. I for one am not a proponent of the whole ” Post a Day” thing, as in my case, it not only limits my research time, thereby watering down the content, but, also doesn’t leave a lot of time for fellow bloggers, like your self to visit and comment on my post. I can write a Poem a day…providing the Muse is around…( Which is what my latest Post/Poem is about) but, then, I also write more in-depth post which entail a bit more research and study…History, Music,Nautical, and Spiritual writings etc…Stop by and read a little, leave comments, and we can help one another by links, and replies etc.. It takes a little give and take with visiting others in the bloggerhood who share some of your same interest to gain a following. It may seem a bit redundant, but, it actually builds a report around the Hood, and therefore brings other visitors. I was away from the blog for a few months, so I am now re-visiting new sites, as well as reading and commenting on the friends sites who used to frequent my site…some are back, some are not.. But, if I take the time to visit their sites and read/comment…they usually reciprocate when they can.
    Bless You

    • zdueck says:

      Thanks for the advice… I actually wasn’t trying for the post a day thing, I just wanted to get a lot of content out fast so people would have more than just an intro page to read. Now that I actually have some material I think Im gonna try for a post every monday and friday.

  2. sdsd says:

    “Lose” only has one O., Otherwise, great piece

    • zdueck says:

      Thanks for the helpful eye there… sometimes my hands have a mind of their own (and sometimes I’m just a little dyslexic). Not in that I frequently mispel words so much as i frequently just swap out words for other similar words, or words with keystrokes in similar places. I’m actually a pretty great speller… just apparently a terrible proof-reader

  3. I admire your piece of work, thanks for all the informative articles .

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