First Impressions of Me

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February 2, 2012 by zdueck

Here it is, my inaugural blog post. With music being such an important thing in my life I find myself struggling with what kind of post to kick off this endeavor with. There’s some really cool instruments I’d love to talk about, some genres I’d like to explore and bands I’d like to highlight… But all those seem too specific for an introductory post. So instead I thought it might be nice to start things off by giving you a taste of who I am through music. Not in the sense of “all these songs describe me as a person” so much as “this is the kind of music I’d like to blog about”, which may in turn give you a little sneak peak into some future posts. So without further a-due, here’s a carefully selected video playlist for your enjoyment.

John K. Samson – Longitudinal Centre

Social Distortion – Machine Gun Blues

Lionize – You’re Trying to Kill Me

Jack’s Mannequin – Release Me

Das Pop – Never Get Enough

Herman Dune – Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

Toh Kay – I’ve Set Sail


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